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Plasmo Framework

The Plasmo Framework is a battery-packed browser extension SDK made by hackers for hackers. Build your product and stop worrying about config files and the odd peculiarities of building browser extensions.

It’s like Next.js for browser extensions!

CLI Demo


System Requirements

  • Node.js 16.x or later
  • MacOS, Windows, or Linux
  • (Strongly Recommended) pnpm


We have examples showcasing how one can use Plasmo with Firebase Authentication, Redux, Supabase authentication, Tailwind, and many more. To check them out, visit our examples repository.


Check out the documentation to get a more in-depth view into the Plasmo Framework.


pnpm dlx plasmo init example-dir
cd example-dir
pnpm dev

The road ahead is filled with many turns.

  • Popup changes go in popup.tsx
  • Options page changes go in options.tsx
  • Content script changes go in content.ts
  • Background service worker changes go in background.ts


You can also organize these files in their own directories:

|   └───icon512.png
|   ├───index.tsx
|   └───button.tsx
|   ├───index.tsx
|   ├───utils.ts
|   └───input.tsx
|   ├───site-one.ts
|   ├───site-two.ts
|   └───site-three.ts

Finally, you can also avoid putting source code in your root directory by putting them in a src sub-directory, following this guide. Note that assets and other config files will still need to be in the root directory.


The Plasmo community can be found on Discord. This is the appropriate channel to get help with using the Plasmo Framework.

Our Code of Conduct applies to all Plasmo community channels.


Please see the contributing guidelines to learn more.


Plasmo is currently alpha software, and some things might change from version to version, so please be mindful and use it at your own risk.




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