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Pulse Share is a spinal cord stimulation setting community forum primarily for individuals living with SCI, clinicians, and researchers to characterize, share, observe, rate, and comment on spinal cord stimulation settings.

The application provides both administrative and public user access. Users can create and edit their profile, edit and delete posts and comment on other users posts. Users can upload photos and video to comments and posts. Users can be made moderators and help moderate the forum. User accounts can be deleted.


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Built With

Getting Started



Create a database named “pulse_share”.

The queries in the database.sql file are set up to create all the necessary tables and populate the needed data to allow the application to run correctly.

Open up your editor of choice and run an npm install

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Set up a database called pulse_share in Postgres. Using the database.sql file, create all the tables, add the Alter Tables commands, and then add all the data.
  3. In your code editing program’s terminal, run ‘npm install’ as a terminal command.
  4. Run npm run server in your terminal.
  5. Run npm run client in your terminal.
  6. Navigate to localhost:3000
  7. Explore the application!


Thank you to Prime Digital Academy for the guidance and support in creating this project.


JJ Salsbury

Andrew Lounsbury

Brandon McCarty

Joseph Sanchez

Freddy Reza


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