useRefs ♻️

React hook to create multiple refs in a single call.


Instead of calling useRef many times, you just call useRefs and destructure as many refs as you want!

import useRefs from "react-use-refs";

const [someRef, anotherRef] = useRefs();

The first and only argument is the initialValue of the refs. There’s no way to specify a different value for each ref. Use a list of React.useRefs for that!

TypeScript support

This library supports TypeScript and should work exactly as React.useRef does.

const [cardRef, cardBodyRef] = useRefs<HTMLDivElement>();

return <div ref={cardRef}> ... </div>;

If you want to have multiple ref types, then you can pass a tuple and have it spread onto the created refs:

const [cardRef, inputRef] = useRefs<[HTMLDivElement, HTMLInputElement]>(null);

⚠️ Passing null as the initialValue is required for tuples!


  • Thanks to @drcmda for stating his need for such an API.
  • Thanks to @Andarist for the initial TypeScript types definition.




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