react multi level push menu


Install peer dependencies

npm install react react-dom react-icons --save


npm install --save react-push-menu

How to use

import 'react-push-menu/styles/component.css';
import PushMenu from 'react-push-menu';

/* ... */

      propMap={{url: 'link'}}>

      <div className="rpm-trigger" id="rpm-trigger">trigger</div>





nodes (Object)

This property accepts an object with the definition for the menu. see the example for a sample menu definition

propMap (Object)

APIs can define/give a different structure or property names for required fields.
This give the user the option to tell react-push-menu which property on the node/menu item to find the value it's looking for.

Mapping Description
displayName This is the text that will appear in the menu option.
linkClasses These are class names that will be added to the menu option.
expanderClasses These are class names that will be added to the menu option's expander given it has defined children.
url This tells the library which prop the url for the menu item is located. will default to a hash (#) if none is found
childPropName This is the property name that holds the children of each menu item node. We realize that data driven menu may differ and it is important to customize the properties that may hold the required data. default: children


 <PushMenu propMap={{
   displayName: 'title',
   linkClasses: 'classes',
   expanderClasses: 'expClasses',
   childPropName: 'children',
   url: 'url'}} >

type (string)

This defines the behaviour of the push menu and how it stacks submenus on top of each other.
It can be one of the following values:

  • cover
  • overlap

menuTrigger (string)

This is the id of the element that will be used to toggle the push menu.
default: rpm-trigger

isOpen (boolean)

This option allows you to initialize the push menu as open on load.

Default: false


This option specifies whether the menu should be hidden when the user clicks outside of the menu element.

Default: true

onNodeClick (function)

This is an onClick callback fired when you click the link of a menu item.
Please note it won't be fired when you click the expand component for a menu item.


  onNodeClick={(e, data) => {
    console.log(data); // => {menu, node, propMap, rootNode}

    // following line will close the menu completely;
  }} >


getRef (function)

This function allows you to get access to the menu instance to have access to its tools.

  getRef={(menu) => { = menu;
  }} >


onMenuOpen (function)

This function triggered after the menu is open.

  onMenuOpen={(menu) => {
    // do something
  }} >


onMenuClose (function)

This function triggered after the menu is closed.

  onMenuClose={(menu) => {
    // do something
  }} >