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This is a ReactJS project using Typescript that is called “GitHub Explorer” and you can search for github users and acess their informations about repositories and followers!

? How can I install GitHub Explorer?

If you want to install GitHub Explorer, follow this steps:

  git init
  git clone
  1. git init initializes or reboots a repository
  2. git clone will clone the repository on your local machine
  3. yarn will download all project’s dependecies

☕ How can I use GitHub Explorer?

Now that you have installed the GitHub Explorer, follow this steps to run the project:

  yarn start

In case that you do not want to install the project, you can use the GitHub Explorer through the following link:

?️ Technologies

Styled Components
React Router DOM

? Contributors

Ian Langkammer Batista - Photo from GitHub

Ian Langkammer Batista