Realtor – A Next JS Real Estate App

A Next JS Real Estate App

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⚠️ Before you start

  1. Make sure Git and NodeJS is installed
  2. Yarn is faster than Npm. So use Yarn.
  3. Create .env file in root folder.
  4. Contents of .env
  1. Now, to setup API, go to Rapid API Website and create an account.

  2. Enable this API to fetch Real estate data: API: Bayut.

Copy API Key

  1. After enabling you can get your API Keys and paste them in .env file in NEXT_APP_RAPID_API_KEY.

NOTE: Make sure you don’t share these keys publicaly.

? How to use this App?

  1. Clone this repository to your local computer.
  2. Open terminal in root directory.
  3. Type and Run npm install or yarn install.
  4. Once packages are installed, you can start this app using npm run dev or yarn dev
  5. Now app is fully configured and you can start using this app ?

? Built with

Rapid API

Built with Love

? Stats

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?? Contribute

You might encounter some bugs while using this app. You are more than welcome to contribute. Just submit changes via pull request and I will review them before merging. Make sure you follow community guidelines.

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