Utopia UI

Reuseable React Components to build mapping apps for all kinds of communities with focus of real life action, local connection and positiv impact.

Check utopia-os.org for more information

This Library is in early alpha stage. You are very welcome to participate in the development

A Django-based Proof of Concept can be found @ new.docutopia.de. This map can be edited freely you can register to create an account and place them on the map. The project is no longer maintained.

Utopia UI is a fully new approach to create a Open Source Library of JavaScript Components which should fit the needs of many different projects and communities.

Map UI Component

Map UI is a JavaScript Map Library to create nice and easy to use Maps

Getting Started

install via npm

 npm install utopia-ui

import in your React App

import Map from 'utopia-ui'

use the Map UI Component

<Map height='100vh' width='100hw'></Map>


Option Type Default Description
height string height of the map
width string width of the map

Coming Soon

  • Profile UI Component
  • Market UI Component
  • Calendar UI Component
  • Friends
  • Groups
  • Tags & Colors
  • Gamification Elements

Join the community

We are looking for Web Developer, UX Designer, Community Manager, Visionaries, Artists, etc. who like to support this Vision.



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