The social network of scientists. You can visit the website here.

2022 update: I’m rebuilding the entire platform

The platform is based on technologies that are updated very quickly, and that’s one of the reasons why I took this decision. The other reason was that I became familiar with the technologies that populate this area of programming, so I felt the need to rebuild the platform. I will use React.js/React Native and GraphQL as primary technologies, and I’ll use the experience of the mistakes I’ve made in the past to make the development of the web app and the mobile/desktop applications easier.

March 2022 update: using better technologies to rebuild the platform

Hello, the last time I updated this project was on February 4, 2022. I’m rewriting the web client in order to have an application based on better technologies than the ones I’ve been using.


Folder Description
files Project files
client React.js front-end
editor Editor plugins
server Express back-end
landing Landing page
blog GatsbyJS blog

What is Revolunce?

Revolunce is a social network dedicated to scientists and those who love science. The platform is still in the early stages of development, but in the current plan its final version will include an app for Android and iOS (using React Native), desktop apps for Windows, macOS and Linux (using Electron), and of course a web app (built with React.js). The idea is the development of a social network that allows users to share research papers, graphs and opinions regarding the various disciplines of science.


I work on this project during my free time (I study physics and engineering at university, this project is my hobby). In case you want to contribute, I recommend creating an issue or contact me via this email: [email protected].


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