A Simple browser extension for password management.

Why another Password manager ?

Simple Answer, Because I needed one :).

Lengthy one, I use Epiphany browser on daily basis but most of password manager makers don’t have one hence I made one for myself.


How the Passwords are saved

locku password management extension

Where is the Backend ?

The extension uses Cloud Functions as backend, each actions is managed by each function as events.

Read More about cloud functions

Supported Browsers

How to Install

Chrome Users

Firefox Users

Epiphany Users

Build it yourself ?

  1. Clone the Source code
git clone https://github.com/RajSolai/locku-browser-extension.git
  1. Build the React App
cd locku-browser-extension

Using npm

npm install && npm run build

Using yarn

yarn && yarn build
  1. Bundle the build files as Extension

cd build
zip locku.xpi *
  1. Install the xpi files into browsers


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