Simple React Ecommerce App


  • User can brower for products and can filter products based on Categories
  • User can Add products to cart
  • User can Remove items from cart
  • User can update quantity in cart
  • Products are fetched using fakestoreapi


  • React Router – To navigate user across diffrent pages of Home page – Login Page – Register Page – Cart – Product Information page
  • React Redux – To maintain centraalised state across all the pages
  • Fontawesome – Icons like cart, login, register etc
  • BootStrap 5 – Page layouts and components and cards to display prducts etc

Project SetUp:

  • Project Created using npx-create-react-app
  • npm i to install all the required pakages
  • npm start to start development server


  • HOME : With BootStrap Carousel image


  • Product Info : image

  • Cart Page: image

  • Login Page: image

  • Register Page: image


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