js sticky side

simple sticky side with js that can use in frameworks like vue and react.

sticky side with javascript


  • it can be used just in flexbox grids.
  • target element should be parent flexbox and it should have just one child.
  • the child should not have bottom margin.

how to use

install it with this command.

npm i js-sticky-side

import that in your code.

import { sticky } from "js-sticky-side"

create object and use it

var stickySide = new sticky(parentElement, int topOffest, int bottomOffset, int screenWith);

  • parentElement : the parent element that should be flexbox
  • topOffest : sticky child space to top (default 0)
  • bottomOffset : sticky child space to bottom (default 0)
  • screenWith : minimum screen size that sticky should be active (default 0)


var stickySide = new sticky(document.querySelector("#sticky-parent"), 80, 20, 768);

window.addEventListener("scroll", stFunction);

function stFunction() {