Spline Wrapper

react-map-gl mapbox

An unofficial plugin component for react-map-gl

Available functions

  • Create curved lines (No more straight lines with sharp corners! ?)
  • Add arrow to end of lines (Hopefully, this is helpful! ?)

Here is a screenshot of the output after using both functions provided: image Run this project to see the demo! (Don’t forget to add the token and map style first)


Props Description
children Source component
hasArrow Required for arrowboolean value to add arrow to lines
iconImage Required for arrowstring value for name of icon image to be used for arrow
lines array of {from:[longitude, latitude], to:[longitude, latitude], properties:{}}

Getting Started


How to use SplineWrapper

  • Import the component: import SplineWrapper from "spline-wrapper"
  • Already have an existing Source and Layer components? Don’t have them yet? Not an issue! ?

    //Copy&Paste or Create your Source and Layer components here
    <Source data={data}>

<SplineWrapper hasArrow={true} iconImage="arrow">
  • Want curvy lines? Use lines props:

const lines = [
    from:[51.5072, -0.1276],  // longitude, latitude
    to:[48.8566, 2.3522],     // longitude, latitude
    properties:{...}  // optional
    from:[48.8566, 2.3522],  // longitude, latitude
    to:[4.2105, 101.9758],     // longitude, latitude
    properties:{...}  // optional

<SplineWrapper lines={lines}>

Still confused? Check out the example here ?

Notes ?

  • There is no control points prop (to control the curve level/intensity) available at the moment but might be added if lots of people need it
  • Curves are only applied to lines generated from the lines prop
  • Load and add icon image before passing the name to iconImage prop
  • The arrows are applied to every feature of type LineString (including those generated from lines prop)
  • The arrow points to the direction of the line
  • Since this is just a wrapper component, you should have almost full control over react-map-gl related uses

Enjoy this wrapper component!

Getting Started with Create React App

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Available Scripts

In the project directory, you can run:

npm start

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The page will reload when you make changes. You may also see any lint errors in the console.


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