Electron Chakra UI Starter

Boilerplate for using Chakra UI in an ElectronJS app.

alt text


  • Clone the repo into a folder
  • Install dependencies with npm install or yarn
  • Open two terminal windows on your folder’s path (in VSCode just press the + button on the terminal panel to open another one)
  • Run yarn watch on one terminal window (this will create the bundle with Webpack)
  • Run yarn start on the other (this will open the Electron app on your status bar)
  • Refresh the app with ⌘R to see changes in your code (PRs for implementing hot reload are welcome)


After cloning the repo run install the dependencies with yarn or npm install.

Webpack has to bundle together all the javascript and React files before Electron can start the app so you’ll have to have to terminal windows opened, if you’re using VSCode it looks like this:

alt text

In one terminal windows or panel run first:

yarn watch

then in the other one terminal window run:

yarn start

You’ll have to refresh the Electron app with ⌘R itself to see the changes in your code, PRs to implement hot reload are welcome.

This app runs as a status bar app with menubar, but you can change this and run it in a regular window if you want to.


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