Starter Kit for Building Dashboard with Firebase

This is inspired by (and forked from) @cpojer‘s fastest frontend tooling in 2022. You can check his excellent work here.

Try the demo here

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This template is an opinionated React starter pack to build any dashboard using Firebase. You get the following developer experience:

  • React as the frontend library. I choose React over Svelte, Vue or Angular because as a hiring manager it’s easier to hire engineers who’re familiar (and export) with React than any others.
  • Firebase as the backend. Firebase is good because it’s easy to start, have good enough features to keep using it for a while, and very generous free plan.
  • TypeScript as the default programming language. I’ve had enough undefined is not an object error in my career.
  • Ant Design as the UI design system. Easy to integrate with any CSS framework and have enterprise-level features.
  • Tailwind as the CSS framework.
  • prettier and ESLint as code formatter and linter. The benefit of consistent pretty code across multiple engineers working on same code base will compound over time.
  • Github Action for CI/CD to Firebase. Simple and very easy to setup CI/CD.
  • Vite as development environment. Fastest development environment per 2022.
  • pnpm as the package manager (Optional).
  • Gitpod as remote development environment so you can code anywhere (including using iPad or any tablet) (Optional).

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  • Press the Use this template on the top of this repository’s GitHub page.
  • Put your Firebase config in src/firebase.ts
  • Run pnpm install (or npm install if you don’t use pnpm).
  • pnpm dev for development (it opens port 3000).
  • pnpm test to run lints and tests.
  • firebase deploy to build, package and deploy your web app to Firebase.


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