Test, mock, intercept and modify Apollo Client’s operations.

Example recording output


  • mock responses in either unit tests or browser tests (think Puppeteer or Cypress)
    • simulate error state
    • simulate loading state
    • simulate subscriptions (pushing data to the client at any given point)
  • it can work in production code without affecting the size of the bundle (the toolkit is lazily loaded)
  • captures the variables that were called for a given operation for assertions
  • log all the data passing through from the network (or whatever Links are after this one)
  • record your user story
  • generate fixtures and working mock code for use in your tests
  • modify backend responses before they reach your components (e.g. to fuzz-test unexpected behavior)



  • MockedProvider – the official Apollo mocking tool designed for unit tests; offers no subscription mocking or recording functionality


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