Wordle Fever

My Spin-off of the famous Wordle


Wordle Fever is Wordle for the true hardcore. You beat the game by guessing all the correct Wordles consecutively.

In other words, you win by accumulating 2315 win streaks.

You can rest assured that the same Wordle won’t show up twice. The game will get easier the longer you play as the solution pool get smaller and smaller.

You can also close the game and come back anytime. Your progress is autosaved.

You have 6 tries to guess each Wordle. Type the Wordle with your Keyboard, and press ENTER to submit.


To install and run locally:

Clone the repo, then:

yarn install && yarn dev

The words list are inside the data folder inside src, you can freely modify it, it’s just one gigantic array.

More info

The game is written in TypeScript with React and Chakra UI.

I made this game for fun and learning purpose. (And to satisfy my thirst for nightmare level Wordle :p)

You can play it here

Tips: You don’t have to enter a valid word, hope this open up more room for strategy.




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