She-codes Africa Nairobi Chapter

Hello Stranger, this is the official open source website for She-codes-Africa Nairobi Chapter, in collaboration with Open-source Community Africa Nairobi Chapter

You are welcome to make a Pull Request anytime to contribute to the website ⚡

This website will use this Tech-Stack:

  • React.js
  • Next.js
  • TailwindCss
  • Typescript Ps – If you don’t know Typescript, don’t worry, this might be your chance to get your hands dirty and learn with the community 🤝🏿

If any other tool is to be introduced, we will have a discussion and agree on it. Feel free to join the discussion here


The design for the website looks something like this: Image

The actual Figma Design file can be found here

The designs were made by Margaret W.N, be sure to connect on her socials and buy her a coffee GitHub, LinkedIn or Twitter

Contribution Flow

Contribution to this project will hopefully be very inclusive.

Step 1: Pick an Issue 😎

Step 2: Create a branch from the develop branch and make your changes 🌿

Step 3: Create a PR to the develop branch 😎

If you need help with any task, be sure to ping any of the maintainers for help. This is a project for everyone 🙂

Getting Started

You can get started by forking this repo to your GitHub account.

Next step, Clone your repo and run:

npm install

// then run the app

npm run dev

Tada. It Twerks now!

So Don’t be shy, GET INVOLVED 🥳


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