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Solid Collapse

Tiny and performant collapse component for SolidJS.

Demo and examples


  • Pure dynamic CSS height transition, no javascript animations.
  • Minimal API: Just pass a boolean value and you’re ready to go.
  • Works within loops / async loops
  • Accordion-ready – See examples
  • Super lightweight, only 600B gzipped.


Props Description Type Default Required
value Readonly reactive value to control collapse boolean false
class Classname with your transition string ''
as Element tag to render instead of div string div

id, role and aria-labelledby are also supported.

? Installation

yarn add solid-collapse
# npm i -S solid-collapse
# pnpm i solid-collapse

? Usage

1. In a CSS file:

.my-transition {
  transition: height 300ms cubic-bezier(0.65, 0, 0.35, 1);

You can find a complete list of CSS easings at

2. In a component file:

import { createSignal } from 'solid-js';
import { Collapse } from 'solid-collapse';

const App = () => {
  const [isOpen, setIsOpen] = createSignal(false);

  return (
      <button type="button" onClick={() => setIsOpen(!isOpen())}>
        Expand me
      <Collapse value={isOpen()} class="my-transition">
        <p class="my-content-class">
          I am a bunch of collapsed text that wants to be expanded

⚠️ Do not style the collapse itself! Instead, style the elements inside. The class added to collapse should only have the transition property set.

? For loops, accordions

Please check the examples on the demo website.

? Caveats

  1. Assigning a ref to Collapse is not possible. If you need to access its DOM node, you can either:

    • Call document.getElementById inside an onMount callback
    • Assign a ref to its nearest child and access the parent
  2. Rendering Collapse inside a <details> element in order to get native assistive technologies support is not possible. The browser’s default behavior will prevail over the component’s one, preventing necessary styles injection and transitions. You will have to make your UI compliant by manually implementing ARIA practices according to your use case.

? License

MIT Licensed. Copyright (c) Simone Mastromattei 2022.


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