Microverse HTML CSS JavaScript Webpack React.js


To-do list app created with react library with react class and functional components and react lifecycles.

🛠 Built With

HTML CSS JavaScript Webpack React.js

Tech Stack


Key Features

  • Single-Page-Application

🚀 Live Demo

💻 Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple steps.


  • VIsual Studio Code.
  • A Web Browser (preferably Google Chrome)


  • Clone the GitHub Repository
  • run this commands in your terminal:
    • npm install
    • npm run build
    • npm start


After running npm start the website will be opened automatically on your default browser.

👤 Author

👤 Mert Kaya

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues, and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check the issues page.

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🙏 Acknowledgments

  • Thanks to the Microverse team for the great curriculum.
  • Thanks to the Code Reviewer(s) for the insightful feedback.
  • A great thanks to My coding partner(s), morning session team, and standup team for their contributions.
  • Hat tip to anyone whose code was used.

📝 License

This project is MIT licensed.

NOTE: we recommend using the MIT license – you can set it up quickly by using templates available on GitHub. You can also use any other license if you wish.


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