?️ Type-safe Github API Wrapper

Getting Started

# Yarn
yarn install gqw

npm install gqw


const client = new GQW(process.env.GITHUB_TOKEN!);

(async () => {
  // Get a user
  console.log(await client.queryUser("heybereket"));

  // Get a user by email
  console.log(await client.queryEmail("[email protected]"));

  // Get a repo name
  console.log(await client.queryRepo("facebook/react"));

  // Directly fetch Github endpoint
  console.log(await client.get("users/heybereket"));


The Github REST API doesn’t provide deeper query fetching (for ex. finding github users by email), so I thought this may be helpful. It’s based off of Octokit and is user friendly – I’m working on adding more queries as well.

Feel free to open a PR and add your own too ?

What does GQW stand for?

Github Query Wrapper


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