TypeScript Example

Supports Expo iOS

Supports Expo Android

Supports Expo Web

npx create-react-native-app -t with-typescript

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which gives you static types and powerful tooling in Visual Studio Code including autocompletion and useful inline warnings for type errors.

? How to use

Creating a new project

  • Install the CLI: npm i -g expo-cli
  • Create a project: npx create-react-native-app -t with-typescript
  • cd into the project

Adding TypeScript to existing projects

  • Create a blank TypeScript config: touch tsconfig.json
  • Run expo start to automatically configure TypeScript
  • Rename files to TypeScript, .tsx for React components and .ts for plain typescript files

? You can disable the TypeScript setup in Expo CLI with the environment variable EXPO_NO_TYPESCRIPT_SETUP=1 expo start

? Notes


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