File & Image Uploader (With Integrated Cloud Storage)

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Supports: single & multi-file uploads, modal & inline views, localization, mobile, and more…


Install via NPM:

npm install uploader

Or via a <script> tag:

<script src="https://js.upload.io/uploader/v1"></script>



Initialize once at the start of your application — required when using data-* attributes too:

// Ignore if installed via a script tag.
const { Uploader } = require("uploader");

// Get production API keys from Upload.io
const uploader = new Uploader({
  apiKey: "free"

Open the Modal

With JavaScript — Try on CodePen:

uploader.open({ multi: true }).then(
  files => alert(files.length === 0
    ? "No files selected."
    : `Files uploaded:\n${files.map(x => x.fileUrl).join("\n")}`),
  error => alert(error)

Or with HTML — Try on CodePen:

<button data-upload-config='{ "multi": true }'
          `Files uploaded:\n${event.files.map(x => x.fileUrl).join("\n")}`
  Upload Files...

Get the Result

With JavaScript:

.open() returns a promise of UploadedFile[]:

    accountId: "FW251aX",                       // The Upload.io account the file was uploaded to.
    file: { ... },                              // DOM file object (from the <input> element).
    fileId: "FW251aXa9ku...",                   // The uploaded file ID. Append to 'https://files.upload.io/' for the file.
    fileUrl: "https://files.upload.io/FW25...", // The uploaded file URL.
    fileSize: 12345,                            // File size in bytes.
    mime: "image/jpeg",                         // File MIME type.
    tags: [                                     // Tags manually & automatically assigned to this file.
      { name: "tag1", searchable: true },
      { name: "tag2", searchable: true },

Or with HTML:

<a data-upload-complete="console.log(JSON.stringify(event.files))">
  Upload a file...
  • The data-upload-complete attribute is fired on completion.
  • The event.files array contains the uploaded files.
  • The above example opens an Uploader which logs the same output as the JavaScript example.

? More Examples

Creating a “Single File” Upload Button

With JavaScript — Try on CodePen:

uploader.open().then(files => alert(JSON.stringify(files)));

Or with HTML — Try on CodePen:

<button data-upload-complete='alert(JSON.stringify(event.files))'>
  Upload a Single File...

Creating a “Multi File” Upload Button

With JavaScript — Try on CodePen:

uploader.open({ multi: true }).then(files => alert(JSON.stringify(files)));

Or with HTML — Try on CodePen:

<button data-upload-config='{ "multi": true }'
  Upload Multiple Files...

Using Uploader as a Dropzone

You can use Uploader as a dropzone — rather than a modal — by specifying layout: "inline" and a container:

With JavaScript — Try on CodePen:

    multi: true,
    layout: "inline",
    container: "#example_div_id"  // Replace with the ID of an existing DOM element.
  .then(files => alert(JSON.stringify(files)));

Or with HTML — Try on CodePen:

<div data-upload-config='{ "multi": true }'
     style="position: relative; width: 450px; height: 300px;">


  • You must set position: relative, width and height on the container div.
  • container & layout: "inline" are auto-set when using data-* on div elements.

? SPA Support

Uploader is SPA-friendly — even when using data-* attributes to render your widgets.

Uploader automatically observes the DOM for changes, making the data-upload-complete attribute safe for SPAs that introduce elements at runtime.

» React Example on CodePen «

⚙️ Configuration

All configuration is optional.

With JavaScript:

    container: "body",    // "body" by default.
    layout: "modal",             // "modal" by default. "inline" also supported.
    locale: myCustomLocale,      // EN_US by default. (See "Localization" section below.)
    maxFileSizeBytes: 1024 ** 2, // Unlimited by default.
    mimeTypes: ["image/jpeg"],   // Unrestricted by default.
    multi: false,                // False by default.
    tags: ["profile_picture"]    // Requires an Upload.io account.
  .then(files => alert(files))

Or with HTML:

<button data-upload-complete='alert(event.files)'
          "container": "body",
          "layout": "modal",
          "multi": false
  Upload a File...


Default is EN_US:

const myCustomLocale = {
  "addAnotherFile":      "Add another file...",
  "cancel":              "cancel",
  "cancelled!":          "cancelled",
  "finish":              "Finished",
  "finishIcon":          true,
  "maxSize":             "Max size:",
  "orDragDropFile":      "...or drag and drop a file.",
  "orDragDropFiles":     "...or drag and drop files.",
  "pleaseWait":          "Please wait...",
  "removed!":            "removed",
  "remove":              "remove",
  "unsupportedFileType": "File type not supported.",
  "uploadFile":          "Select a File",
  "uploadFiles":         "Select Files"

? Resizing & Cropping Images

Given an uploaded image URL:


Resize with:


Auto-crop with:


? Features

Uploader is the file & image uploader for Upload.io: the file upload service for developers.

Core features (available without an account):

  • Beautifully clean UI widget.
  • Lightweight. (29KB gzipped including all dependencies — see Upload.js for an ultra-lightweight solution.)
  • Single & Multi-File Uploads.
  • Fluid Layout & Mobile-Friendly.
  • Modal & Inline Modes.
  • Localization.
  • Integrated File Hosting:
    • Files stored on Upload.io for 4 hours with the "free" API key.
    • Files hosted via the Upload CDN: 100 locations worldwide.
  • Image Transformations:
    • Append /thumbnail or /thumbnail-square to your image URLs.
    • Get more transformations with a full account.

All features (available with an account):

  • Permanent Storage.
  • Unlimited Daily Uploads. (The "free" API key allows 100 uploads per day per IP.)
  • Extended CDN Coverage. (Files served from 300+ locations worldwide.)
  • Upload & Download Authentication. (Supports federated auth via your own JWT authorizer.)
  • File & Folder Management Console.
  • Expiring Links.
  • Custom CNAME.
  • Advanced Upload Control:
    • Rate Limiting.
    • Traffic Limiting.
    • File Size Limiting.
    • IP Blacklisting.
    • File Type Blacklisting.
    • And More…

Create an Upload.io account »


If you would like to contribute to Uploader:

  1. Add a GitHub Star to the project (if you’re feeling generous!).
  2. Determine whether you’re raising a bug, feature request or question.
  3. Raise your issue or PR.