Ashanime is an Ad free responsive web application built with the intention of providing a pleasent anime viewing experience.

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App Features

Popular, trending, and recently released Animes

Stay up to date with the latest anime trends and be informed about what to watch next with what’s trending and popular!

Top Anime List

Ever thought to yourself “I can’t find any good anime’s to watch. If only I can ask someone”. Well! Worry no more! The top anime list will put you right on track and enlighten you with the knowledge of what your fellow anime enjoyers are busy having a blast watching! If you still can’t find something that sratches that itch, the next feature below will be just what you need.

Advanced search and filter with genres

Use the advanced search and genre combo selector to filter away all the the animes you’re not interested in and hone down on the exact niche you’re looking for. Don’t feel like watching comedy animes that are still airing and instead want to watch a quick 24 epsisode dramatic action anime in one spiffing sitting? No problem. Just select the drama and action genres, select the “complete” status filter, sort the list in anyway you like, and explore the glorious works of renowned anime studios.

Watch-based recommended Animes

Finished a splendiferous anime and now you’re sad that there are no more episodes and wish that you could find a similar anime? No worries! Right under the Synopsis beneath the video player, a beautiful recommended list of animes awaits you.

Watch list (bookmarking animes)

Have a long list of animes that you wish to watch? Awesome! Once you click on anime of interest, just press the “Add to Watchlist” button and your anime will be stored in your personal watchlist. Access the watchlist via the top navigation bar.

User account synchronization

Here at Ashanime, we use firebase to sync your information to the cloud. Log in from anywhere and find your watchlist, shows watched and last episodes watched all available to you via the cloud.

PWA compliant

Tired of repeatedly opening the browser and searching for Ashanime every single time you feel like Bing Chilling? No worries fam. Be it on Android, iOS, MacOS, or PC, simply download the PWA from your chrome browser and install Ashanime right on your device! You’ll receieve updates automatically whenever you open your app.

Local Deployment

Firebase Installation

To use Ashanime with firebase, create a firebaseConfig.js file in Ashanime-Web-App/src/firebase and insert your firebase config details therein. Be sure to create an export const with the name “firebaseConfig”. See example below:

export const firebaseConfig = {
  apiKey: "sjhHDJsh82hJHdh3jHJDHJQk4398",
  authDomain: "",
  projectId: "your project id",
  storageBucket: "",
  messagingSenderId: "333747474747477",
  appId: "yourappid",
  measurementId: "R-FKJHSJW",

You need to have nodejs and git installed on your pc for the upcoming steps.

First download the repository using

git clone

This should download this repository to your computer. Next, to download the dependencies run

npm install

Now start the production build of the site using

npm start

This will start the app on http://localhost:3000


This app would not have been possible without the kind and rapid support of the experts over at Consumet. Ashanime was built using the Consumet API to supply 95% of the data.


  • Discord Server – Join our discord server and chat with the developers.


You can contact the developers of Ashanime via email, or join the discord server (Recommended).

Contributors ✨

Thanks to the following people for taking this app to new heights.


Licensed under AG.

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