This is a simple websocket real time texting web application written in golang gorilla mux and react js


- Private Chat one to one chat
- Chat auto scroll feature 
- List online users


* WS Server is wriiten in golang 
* The client interaction part is written in React

code structure

* websocketgolang/ui/src/
   ** signin.js (a simple login screen to enter the user name)
   ** basic.js  render two components conditionally. if a user selected someone to chat the connected variable will set to true and the chat page will be displayed else if user press close button from chat page the connected variable is set to false and return the user back to the online users list page
   ** App.js routing paths 


 When a user joins and selected someone to text , an object with the selected username will be created , something like this 
   ** { [username:"anon" "msns":["1"........],username:"an","msns":[....]]}
 If the slected user object already exists in array the message will be appended to msns.
 If not ,the user will be created with null fields as object
 If the length of msns length > 20 the first array element will be deleted as the new message arrives


 Unique username is not implemented in  the server side , you can implement it inside handlers/socket-handlers.go make changes in find usernameByuserid function
 Initial user connection requires a refresh sometimes

How to run the program ?

 * cd websocketgolang
 * go run .
 * open browser and type localhost:8000

Login List users chat example


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