Despite various options available for rich text editing in html, it continues to be extremely challenging area. I found prosemirror to be the best available solution for the problem. It is great work by author Marijn Haverbeke.

Making an editor ground up from a framework is still much work, the project aims at building components for rich text editing using prosemirror. These components can be quickly integrated into react or even non-react applications.

Nib not only has good rich text editing capabilities but also addresses complex editing requirements like tracking changes made to a document, adding comments in document, collaborative editing and more...


Setup of the editor is quite straight forward. It is required to be installed from npm.

Installing packages:

Either npm or yarn commands can be used.

npm i nib-core --save

Writing editor component:

import React from "react";
import Editor from "nib-core";

const MyEditor = () => <Editor />;

Please note that the lib does not work server side.


Props supported by the editor.

S.No. Name Description
1 addons array of plugins for adding functionality to core editor
2 autoFocus to focus editor by default
3 config configuring the plugin, toolbar etc in editor, here are default configurations
4 defaultValue value to initialize editor content
5 licenseKey license key for nib editor
6 onChange callback which is called on any change in the editor
7 spellCheck boolean property to enable default browser spellCheck in the editor
8 styleConfig used to do more detailed style changes in the editor, here is the default
9 theme theming of the editor, here is default theme


  1. Support for almost all browsers and devices
  2. Multiple rich text styling options like bold, italic, underline, strike, subscript, superscript, text color, filll color, etc
  3. Support for different block types paragraph, h1 - h6, blockquote etc
  4. Support for hyperlinks
  5. Support for nested ordered and unordered lists
  6. Support for images with options like wrapping, aligning, re-sizing or linking images
  7. Support for inline mode with floating toolbar
  8. Support for customized display - full page, word like display, etc
  9. Allow undo and redo changes.
  10. Help menu that display supported formatting options and their keyboard shortcuts
  11. Changing look and feel of editor using different themes
  12. Convert prosemirror JSON to and from markdown
  13. Convert prosemirror JSON to and from HTML
  14. Source code editing
  15. Table with advance options like add/remove column/row, resize columns, etc
  16. Support for displaying video from sources like Youtube or Vimeo
  17. Flexibility to add custom plugin
  18. Track changes make of document along with any metadata saved about the change like username, timestamp, etc
  19. Adding / editing comments to document
  20. Collaborative editing with multiple users on same document




For details or queries drop mail to [email protected].