React Projects

(not maintained, was just for practice earlier) A couple of projects to get familiar with the React framework.

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  1. todo: Basic todo app to get started.
  2. tictactoe: A tic-tac-toe game uses states and props.
  3. markdown-editor: A real-time markdown editor SPA. (Live Demo)
  4. basic-react-redux: Basic react-redux project which handles articles in its store.
  5. basic-redux-thunk: Basic react-redux-thunk project which handles items from an API using thunk, uses redux for store.
  6. book-store [WIP]: Online book store built over react-redux and Bootstrap for UI.
  7. trip-mate: Manage and keep track of your trips with this simple, smooth webapp. Uses react-router, custom styling. (Live Demo)
  8. property-finder: Search for and list properties. Built on React-Native, uses react-navigation.
  9. todo-pwa: The classic Todos Tracker as a Progressive Web App. Built using React, Redux, leveraging styled-components, PaperCSS, Service Worker tools. Data is retained using localStorage (Live Demo)
  10. gatsbyjs-markdown-blog: GatsbyJS blog which fetches markdown blog posts, lists them and displays each post wrapped up as a static site. Based on the tutorials in the official docs, uses GraphQL, Typography.js, Remark plugin, Glamor.
  11. reddit-clone: react-redux-thunk project that calls the RedditAPI to fetch posts from selected subreddits. (Live Demo)


Projects such as create-react-app, nwb and react-slingshot have been used to setup development envs.

Install all the required packages/dependencies using yarn


Serve the app to browser

yarn start



Sorry, as this was a practice repo and no longer maintained, will not be updating the repo nor looking into issues/PRs.


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