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Actual is a local-first personal finance tool. It is 100% free and open-source, written in NodeJS, it has a synchronization element so that all your changes can move between devices without any heavy lifting.

If you are interested in contributing, or want to know how development works, see we would love to have you.

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If you are only interested in running the latest version and not contributing to the source code, you don’t need to clone this repo. You can get the latest version through npm.

The easy way: using a server (recommended)

The easiest way to get Actual running is to use the actual-server project. That is the server for syncing changes across devices, and it comes with the latest version of Actual. The server will provide both the web project and a server for syncing.

You can get up and running quickly and easily by following our Running Actual Locally Guide


We have a wide range of documentation on how to use Actual, this is all available in our Community Documentation, this includes topics on Budgeting, Account Management, Tips & Tricks and some documentation for developers.

Code structure

The Actual app is split up into a few packages:

  • loot-core – The core application that runs on any platform
  • loot-design – The generic design components that make up the UI
  • desktop-client – The desktop UI
  • desktop-electron – The desktop app

More information on the project structure is available in our community documentation.

Feature Requests

Current feature requests can be seen here. Vote for your favorite requests by reacting 👍 to the top comment of the request.

To add new feature requests, open a new Issue of the “Feature Request” type.


Thanks to our wonderful sponsors who make Actual budget possible!

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