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What you need for running app?

  • NodeJS Version 14

Stack technology

  • ReactJS (CRA)
  • Typescript (JS Typechecker)
  • Styled-components (JS/CSS Styling)
  • Redux-toolkit (State Management)
  • React-router-dom (Routing in React)
  • (Open API)
  • Tailwind (CSS Framework)
  • Axios (Http Request)


  • Display list movies from Omdbapi
  • Infinite scroll pagination for videos list
  • Search movies by keyword
  • Single page for movie detail
  • Showing popup for cliecked movie poster
  • Autocomplete searching movie in input search header
  • Unit testing

Install at local

Open Terminal, then type command:

git clone

Go to project folder :

cd stockbit-movies

Type following command :

yarn (For install dependency)

yarn build (For build app for production mode)

yarn start (For running app with development mode)

open http://localhost:3000 in your browser

yarn test (For running unit test)




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