Deep Grasp

The goal of this project is to seamlessly integrate LLM into your current app. This means that users can retrieve and interact with a specific part of the user interface using natural language, without any intrusive measures.

Note This repo is still under heavy development, we welcome any idea and feedback.

What is it

In the age of AI, we see increasing trend to adopt LLM into web applications, but for a large real world app, it is usually not easy to integrate AI feature into thousands lines of code.

Deep Grasp, aimed to non-intrusive integration to LLM, is able to do more by less code, as an example, we simply change a little code like:

+import {graspable} from '@deep-grasp/react';
-export default function Clock({timezone}: Props) {
+function Clock({timezone}: Props) {
     // ...
+export default graspable(Clock, 'View clock in specified timezone');

As a result, we can get smooth and easy to use LLM features, a decorated component can be created and rendered automatically from user’s natural language query.



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