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Warning This library is (extremely!) work-in-progress. Use at your own risk.


vfx is a visual effects library for react-three-fiber. It aims to be highly performant (with effects almost entirely simulated on the GPU) and easy to extend.


Please do not use this in your own projects yet, as both API and functionality is still going to change significantly. But if you want to give the thing a whirl anyway, clone this repository and run:

yarn && yarn examples

Alternatively, you can launch the examples app on StackBlitz.


  • Support for mesh particles. Every effect makes use of intanced meshes. No matter how many particles you spawn, they’re always going to be just 1 draw call (per effect.)
  • Declarative emitters. Just add <Emitter> to your JSX.


  • Support for point or sprite particles. Yes, it can be done, but probably not lit (ie. taking scene lights into account), which makes them significantly less interesting for visual effects. (PRs welcome!)
  • Emitters as scene objects. Emitters will eventually be scene objects with their own transforms. That way, you can animate particle spawning positions by moving them through your scene.
  • Soft Particles. PRs welcome! (#1)


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