React glow

Add a mouse-tracing glow effect to React components.

gif of glow effect

The glow effect will only work using the mouse as the pointer. Touch events will not trigger it.

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Install the package with npm:

npm i @codaworks/react-glow


Wrap any number of <Glow> components in a <GlowCapture> which will be used to track the mouse location.

  <span>This won't glow</span>
  <Glow color='purple'>
    <span className='text-black glow:text-glow/50 glow:bg-red-100'>
      This will glow purple when the mouse is passed over

Children of <Glow> can style themselves how to look when glowing. You might choose to leave some children unchanged, or highlight them with the glow: variant style.

The value of color will be available as a CSS variable --glow-color, as well as the Tailwind glow color. You can pass any valid CSS color, including hsl() values etc. Of course, you might choose to use any other color; you can leave out the color prop entirely.


Add the tailwind plugin to unlock the glow: variant and glow color


module.exports = {
  plugins: [

As with all colors in Tailwind, you may add opacity by appending a percentage after the color, such as bg-glow/20 for 20% opacity.

Vanilla CSS

You can style the glow effect with vanilla CSS:

  <span>This won't glow</span>
  <Glow color='hsl(338.69 100% 48.04%)'>
    <span className='glowable-text'>
      This will glow pink when the mouse is passed over

.glowable-text {
  color: black;

[glow] .glowable-text {
  color: var(--glow-color);


Inspired by this tweet.


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