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ReFinance is a fork of @yearn’s Macarena Finance!

Live Demo


  1. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/aggregated-finance/refinance.git
  2. Run npm i to install dependencies
  3. Run npm start to raise the developer environment
  4. Open your browser at http://localhost:3000

Configure profit fees address

  1. At next.config.js change PARTNER_ID_ADDRESS to the address that should receive the partner fees
  2. Fill up this template issue to request us to enable the above ID to receive partner program profit-sharing fees

Add or remove Yearn Vaults displayed

Change the list filtering the vaults you want to show at:


Customize the website css theme:

  1. Change theme name in _document.tsx at line 26 and style.css at line 8
  2. Customize theme css in style.css

You can quickly change how everything looks by customizing css variables in style.css. You can find the original CSS and the available CSS variables in the Yearn Web Lib.

Environment Variables

Create a .env file in the root project path overriding any env. variable:

  • WS_URL_MAINNET custom websocket url for Ethereum Mainnet
  • WS_URL_FANTOM custom websocket url for Fantom
  • RPC_URL_MAINNET custom RPC url for Ethereum Mainnet
  • RPC_URL_FANTOM custom RPC url for Fantom
  • ALCHEMY_KEY alchemy.com key

Rename .env.example to .env to customize the above

Tech Stack

The core libraries used by this project is:

Folder Structure


Individual UI components reused across pages, like buttons and charts


Individual components with no UI that helps manage the application state


Each page corresponds to a route in nextjs. Any file created in this folder can be accessed through url routes, for example if you create a page “test.tsx” you will be able to access it locally at http://localhost:3000/test

Pages that start with _ like _app.tsx and _document.tsx are the application’s entry point and are handled by NextJS automatically

Read more about how to build app navigation at NextJS Router Docs


Stateless functions to be reused at any file to transform data


Static files used in the website, like images and icons


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