GitHub Desktop

GitHub Desktop is an open source Electron-based
GitHub app. It is written in TypeScript and
uses React.

GitHub Desktop screenshot - Windows

Where can I get it?

Download the official installer for your operating system:

You can install this alongside your existing GitHub Desktop for Mac or GitHub
Desktop for Windows application.

NOTE: there is no current migration path to import your existing
repositories into the new application – you can drag-and-drop your repositories
from disk onto the application to get started.

Beta Channel

Want to test out new features and get fixes before everyone else? Install the
beta channel to get access to early builds of Desktop:

The release notes for the latest beta versions are available here.

Community Releases

There are several community-supported package managers that can be used to
install GitHub Desktop:

  • Windows users can install using Chocolatey package manager:
    c:\> choco install github-desktop
  • macOS users can install using Homebrew package manager:
    $ brew install --cask github

Installers for various Linux distributions can be found on the
shiftkey/desktop fork.

Arch Linux users can install the latest version from the

Is GitHub Desktop right for me? What are the primary areas of focus?

This document describes the focus of GitHub Desktop and who the product is most useful for.

And to see what the team is working on currently and in the near future, check out the GitHub Desktop roadmap.

I have a problem with GitHub Desktop

Note: The GitHub Desktop Code of Conduct applies in all interactions relating to the GitHub Desktop project.

First, please search the open issues
and closed issues
to see if your issue hasn’t already been reported (it may also be fixed).

There is also a list of known issues
that are being tracked against Desktop, and some of these issues have workarounds.

If you can’t find an issue that matches what you’re seeing, open a new issue,
choose the right template and provide us with enough information to investigate

The issue I reported isn’t fixed yet. What can I do?

If nobody has responded to your issue in a few days, you’re welcome to respond to it with a friendly ping in the issue. Please do not respond more than a second time if nobody has responded. The GitHub Desktop maintainers are constrained in time and resources, and diagnosing individual configurations can be difficult and time consuming. While we’ll try to at least get you pointed in the right direction, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to dig too deeply into any one person’s issue.

How can I contribute to GitHub Desktop?

The document will help you get setup and
familiar with the source. The documentation folder also contains more
resources relevant to the project.

If you’re looking for something to work on, check out the help wanted label.

More Resources

See for more product-oriented
information about GitHub Desktop.



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