Barebones SSO Enabled Tab project for Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

This project serves as a base for creating a Microsoft Teams app with the basic minimum implementation that you would require when building out a solution that contains a Tab enabled with single sign-on.

Screenshot of app


The following list describes the updates made to the SSO-enabled tab project scaffolded by Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.

  • Converted class based components to functional components
  • Implemented native loading indicator
  • Implemented Fluent UI 9
  • ESLint and recommend plugins implemented
  • Simplified folder structure
  • Removed unused Tabs
    • Privacy
    • Terms of Use
  • Removed sample components
  • Removed packages
    • Northstar
    • Microsoft Graph Toolkit, use npm i @microsoft/mgt-element @microsoft/mgt-react @microsoft/mgt-teamsfx-provider to re-install


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