Birthday Wisher with Countdown

simple app show a countdown for a birthday date

Getting started

To get It running locally:

  • Clone this repo
  • npm install to install all req'd dependencies
  • npm start to start the local server (this project uses create-react-app)



Click on Generate Link
or Head to

Enter the name , day , month of birthday

ScreenShot of Form

Click on Generate Link

You Can see a Link being generated Copy or Visit the link by Clicking on the Button

And There You Go ! 🎉

ScreenShot of Form

ScreenShot of Coutdown Timer⏲️

ScreenShot of Countdown

Birthday Wisher🎂

Loads this Page Instead of Coutdown on the Birthday
ScreenShot of Countdown

It's Fully Responsive and you change styles in the app.css

Wishing Component Page : Wish.jsx
Countdown Compenent Page : Countdown.jsx