Decoupled MERN Stack with JWT Auth Template – Front End

This is the front end of a decoupled MERN Stack app that includes JWT Authentication.

When combined with the back end found here, you’ll have all you need to build a full stack MERN app!

Use this to go build things! ?

To Use This Template

Replace <name-of-your-app-here> in the commands below with the name of your app!

git clone <name-of-your-app-here>-front-end
cd <name-of-your-app-here>-front-end

Once you are in the project directory:

rm -rf .git

Here’s what your command line output should like after this step (note that the indicator that we are in a git repository is gone!)

The command line before and after running the rm -rf .git command. Before git:(main) is visible indiating that the directory contains a git repository, after the command it is not.

Re-initialize a git repository:

git init

Use the GitHub CLI to create a new public project repository on GitHub and add a remote named origin for this repo:

gh repo create <name-of-your-app-here>-front-end --public --source=. --remote=origin

Run npm i to fetch the template’s dependencies:

npm i

touch a .env file:

touch .env

Fill it with the following:


? DO NOT place secrets in this .env file. The contents of this file WILL be exposed to site visitors. We are only using the front-end .env to create variables specific to the environment the application is running in.

Delete this, then make an initial commit:

git add .
git commit -m "initial commit"
git push -u origin main

You’re done!


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