Yella Bena

a decentralized splitting protocol

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Key Features

  • Yella Bena is a social decentralized web3 expense splitting protocol.
  • with Yell Bena you easily create expenses, share, pay for it…etc.

How To Use

Web App

To clone and run this project , you’ll need Git and Node.js (which comes with npm) installed on your computer. From your command line:

# Clone this repository
$ git

# Go into the repository
$ cd yall-bena

# Install dependencies
$ yarn install

# Run the app
$ yarn dev

Note If you’re using Linux Bash for Windows, see this guide or use node from the command prompt.

Smart Contract

the smart contract are developed using solidity and deplyed on the coinex smart chain .

# Go into the the smart contract directory 
$ cd yall-bena/smart-contract

# Install dependencies
$ yarn install

# compile the contract 
$ npx hardhat compile 

# deploy the contract 
$ npx hardhat run --network coinex scripts/deploy.js

Note make sure to create an ,env with your desired walllet monemorics


Yella bena uses the following open source packages:

  • nextjs Next.js gives you the best developer experience with all the features you need for production:

  • The Ethers Project A complete Ethereum wallet implementation and utilities in JavaScript (and TypeScript)

  • wagmi wagmi is a collection of React Hooks containing everything you need to start working with Ethereum.

  • rainbowkit The best way to connect a wallet

  • classnames A simple javascript utility for conditionally joining classNames together.

  • React Spinners Cool spinners for ReactJS application.




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