Open Source Form Builder With Safe Data Collection

FormPress is an innovative, and open source form builder which lets you safely collect data through custom forms. Awesome!


  • Simple yet modern UI
  • Drag and drop elements
  • File submission


FormPress is a combination of;

  • node.js – the ubiquitous JS framework for backend chores
  • Express – convenient Node.js web app framework
  • React – quite popular JS library for the frontend
  • MySQL – for the database management



Deployment of FormPress is fairly easy. So as to create the required images and run the containers:

cd formpress
docker-compose up

And that’s it. To verify that the process ran smoothly, in your browser, please navigate to:


Environment Variables

To get the full experience of FormPress in terms of its features, a number of environment variables has to be set. Nevertheless, the app will run just fine but with fewer features.

Environment variables are added by adding lines to .env file in formpress root directory. Open .env file (if it does not exist, you can create one) with your favourite text editor and add the following lines:

1. JSON Web Token

This variable is essential for the login. It can be set to anything, in this example we’ve set it to SOMESUPERHARDTOGUESSSECRET. Seriously.


2. SendGrid

For the time being, FormPress uses SendGrid fot the mail delivery.


Features disabled if this variable is unset:

  • Verification e-mail during sign-up
  • Password reset e-mail
  • Submission notification e-mail to the form owner

3. Google Service Account Credentials

This variable is the path to the local OAuth2 credentials file. This is required to authenticate Google Cloud Platform.


Features disabled if this variable is unset:

  • File upload element in forms

4. Google Service Client ID

FormPress login page offers Google Sign-In as an alternative (which will be discontinued as of March 31, 2023.)


Features disabled if this variable is unset:

  • Google Sign-In

5. File Upload Bucket

File uploads in forms are stored in Google Cloud Storage. This variable is required for


Features disabled if this variable is unset:

  • File upload

6. Admin Account Credentials

These are the environment variables for admin account as the name suggests.


Unless these variables are set, default credentials for the initial admin account will be:


FormPress is licensed under GPLv3


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