GPT Chat Bot

This app is built to use the GPT-3 API on a local machine. I was inspired to create this app after using the official ChatGPT. I was blown away at the clear straight to the point answers I was getting.

This app isn’t fully featured yet. I still have a lot of work to do, but it does respond and answer questions well enough that you can avoid having to sort through all the trash click baity websites that google/brave/duckduckgo respond with.


  1. I still need to work out a way for it to remember previous questions so that a conversation can continue.
  2. Because I’m still pretty new to programming, I don’t have a way to separate the responses. For example when you ask for code it sends back text. My workaround was to concatenate to the prompt Respond in markdown then use react-markdown to display the response.

To Do:

  1. Add more options to the PromptController
  2. Add a toggle switch so the PromptController is a drop down menu instead of it always showing.
  3. Add a backend and connect it to MongoDB to save conversations. Will probably create a separate branch for this.
  4. Make it mobile friendly. Not a top priority though since I just use this in a browser on my desktop.

To install:

git clone the repo:

git clone
cd GPT-Helper/client
npm install

To run:

You will need to setup a .env file in the client directory.


Then just npm start inside the client directory.


Here is a sampling of the different personalities. I’ve added a bunch more and some are just hilarious.

The Happy Guy

Likes to be helpful, and it always cheery.

The Grouch

Sometimes helps you out, but usually tells you to go away.

The Surfer

Always happy and enjoys the waves.

The Damsel in Distress

Always struggling with things and asking for help.

The Wise Programmer

Probably the best out of the group if you need help with code. Adds a lot of detail and can even write hugh tutorials for you.


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