Automated Job Alerts: JAlert

This project is an effort to automate alerts for as many job openings as possible, to help job seekers.

Get started

If you want to get alerts from this bot, you can join the following discord server:

Invite Link (Then React to Dyno bot to get job-seeker role in read-first channel)

Bots on more platforms like twitter will come out soon.

I also plan to add wekhooks for anyone wanting to use the data of this system.

Note: For now most role fetched are targetted to be for undergratuates/<1 yoe (Since spamming with higher level roles doesn’t make sense)

Currently supported companies

  • Google
  • Sharechat
  • BharatPe
  • Uber

Feel free to contribute to add more companies

How to contribute

Please make an issue on feature you wish to work on, and I’ll assign that to you so as to avoid duplicate efforts.



git clone
cd JAlert
npm i

Now copy .env.example into .env (create new file).

In src/index.ts: Change the mongoose.connect line to: (keep this change locally only)


and use the following env variables:


You don’t really need to use ur own discord env variables if you are not making any change in the bot.

For adding a new company’s handler, follow the format from other files, you just need to add a handle and then add it into handlers list in index.ts


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