Movie Ticket Booking

Project Overview

Ticket booking web application built using React and Next.js, uses React context for state management and Material-UI for UI components.


Working demo

Movie Ticket Booking Site

Run server in local

Clone the project, cd into the project directory

npm install
npm run dev
# or
yarn install
yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

Project Description

A user can book tickets or customize/block the seats. First the user has to select a movie and it’s theater, then he can customize the rows and columns and modify the seating arrangement according to the theater.

While booking tickets, booked seats are marked in grey color and selected seats are marked in green color later the user can proceed to confirm his booking. Confirmation window will be enabled only for 5 seconds, once 5 seconds are lapsed the user has to select the seats again and continue the process.

Screen Shots








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