React component with HTML5 Web Notification API. This component show nothing in dom element, but trigger HTML5 Web Notification API with render method in the life cycle of React.js.


npm install --save react-web-notification



React component which wrap web-notification.


Notification.propTypes = {
  ignore: bool,
  disableActiveWindow: bool,
  askAgain: bool,
  notSupported: func,
  onPermissionGranted: func,
  onPermissionDenied: func,
  onShow: func,
  onClick: func,
  onClose: func,
  onError: func,
  timeout: number,
  title: string.isRequired,
  options: object,
  swRegistration: object,

  • ignore : if true, nothing will be happen

  • disableActiveWindow : if true, nothing will be happen when window is active

  • askAgain : if true, window.Notification.requestPermission will be called on componentDidMount, even if it was denied before,

  • notSupported() : Called when HTML5 Web Notification API is not supported.

  • onPermissionGranted() : Called when permission granted.

  • onPermissionDenied() : Called when permission denied. Notification will do nothing until permission granted again.

  • onShow(e, tag) : Called when Desktop notification is shown.

  • onClick(e, tag) : Called when Desktop notification is clicked.

  • onClose(e, tag) : Called when Desktop notification is closed.

  • onError(e, tag) : Called when Desktop notification happen error.

  • timeout : milli sec to close notification automatically. Ignored if 0 or less. (Default 5000)

  • title : Notification title.

  • options : Notification options. set body, tag, icon here.
    See also (

  • swRegistration : ServiceWorkerRegistration. Use this prop to delegate the notification creation to a service worker.
    See also (
    ⚠️ onShow, onClick, onClose and onError handlers won't work when notification is created by the service worker.

Usage example

See example

yarn run start:example


yarn test