Registration form


About The Project

React.js remake of my old Vue.js project.

Add the details of the customers to the Customers registration form to show their details in the Customers list, see their coordinates based on the address and edit them anytime.

  • Click Add Customer to add the customer to the registration form;
  • Click Load location to get the coordinates of the customer based on their address in hyper link that redirects to Google Maps;
  • Click Edit to enable editing;
  • Click Save to update the edited customer details;
  • Click Delete to delete the customer.

In progress

  • Cancel edit mode button;
  • Disable Add Customer if some fields left empty;


  • npm install
  • assign your own Google maps API key to const apiKey in coordinatesCheck.js.
  • npm start

Built With

  • React.js v18.2.0


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