Resizable and customizable flexbox grid for React.


Code example:

/* Include these 2 css files somewhere in your index.js */
import "af-react-grid/dist/style.css";

/* If you want custom resizer style - do not import this file */
import "af-react-grid/dist/";

import { Container, Resizer } from "af-react-grid";

<Containter localStorageKey="someGridName" type="row">
    <div>Child 1</div>
    <Resizer />
    <div>Child 2</div>
    <Containter type="row">
        <div>Subchild 1</div>
        <Resizer />
        <div>Subchild 2</div>

Container props

type: ?( "row" | "col" ) = "row",

className: ?string,

style: ?object,

children: ?node,

/* Next 2 props are passed down as default props to Resizer and Container children*/

resizerChildren: ?node,

resizerClassName: ?string = "react-rsz-grid-default-resizer",

localStorageKey: ?string

Resizer props

className: ?string,

style: ?object,

children: ?node

disabled: ?bool


  • Very small, exported as es modules (own code 3.5kb + react + react-dom + react-draggable + classNames)
  • Resizers are also given data-resizer-index and data-resizer-type, so their styling could be customized easily;
  • resizerChildren and resizerClassName props are passed deep to all nested Containers, so you want to declare these props only on root Container. Of course they may be overriden anywhere;
  • maxHeight, minHeight, maxWidth, minWidth are considered even if not declared inline, because their values are taken from getComputedStyle before drag starts;
  • Want to have a super-highly customized Resizer? resizerChildren prop allows you to render custom child elements, which could be easily styled;
  • localStorageKey prop is passed down to children with child index added, like someGridName_0_2, until overriden;
  • If a child has key prop, it's dimensions are saved by key, otherwise by it's index, so be careful to use unique keys;


  • If tou want overflow: auto on containers, you must either set it globally( add overflow rule to default container class ), or individually;
  • React.Fragment children are not yet supported;
  • Resizer, which is first or last child, does nothing( see example );
  • Feel free to customize Resizer styling by providing your own css( use dist/ as an example )


  • Support React.Fragment children.
  • Add types
  • findDomNode refuse ( maybe? )