rfxTree is a small prototype/weekend project to control addressable RGB Christmas tree lights a.k.a TreeTV

Otherwise a Virtual Production project, that uses organic wood instead of expensive rigs, Christmas lights instead of expensive organic LED panels and cinematic action cameras ?

Virtual Production:

Virtual Production with Unreal Engine

Virtual Production at home:

Virtual Production at home

Virtual Production at home 2


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Supported protocols:

  • HTTP
  • WebRTC data channel
  • DMX over Art-Net

Supported device:

  • Twinkly Gen I devices





You don’t have to trust me, check it yourself:

Proof of Scalability

Famous quotes

Let’s watch some tree. – A software engineer in the middle of the night following 2 years of lockdown

? – People that know what’s up


  • You use React wrong.


  • There is no separation of concerns and software engineering best practices.

Read this README again. Also, just like the previous one, not a question.

Related projects:

  • This work was inspired by Matt Parker’s Stand-up Maths video on xmastree2020 and controlling 500 NeoPixel LEDs
    I wired my tree with 500 LED lights and calculated their 3D coordinates


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