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Sophisticated HTML form management for React

Sophisticated HTML form management for React


Better form validation and value management for React. Provides minimal wiring while also allowing for complete input flexibility.

Built on yup and react-input-message.


npm i -S react-formal yup

(don't like the yup but like how the form works? Try: topeka)


For more complete api documentations, live examples, and getting started guide check out the documentation site.

react-formal uses a yup schema to update and validate form values. It treats the form like an input (representing an object) with a value and onChange. The form can be controlled or uncontrolled as well, just like a normal React input.

var yup = require('yup')
  , Form = require('react-formal')

var modelSchema = yup.object({
        name: yup.object({
            first: yup.string().required('Name is required'),
            last: yup.string().required('Name is required')    
        dateOfBirth: yup.date()
            .max(new Date(), 'You can be born in the future!')

// ...in a component
render() {
    return (
            onChange={model => this.setState({ model })}
                <legend>Personal Details</legend>

                <Form.Field name='name.first'/>
                <Form.Message for='name.first'/>

                <Form.Field name='name.last'/>
                <Form.Message for='name.last'/>

                <Form.Field name='dateOfBirth'/>
                <Form.Message for='dateOfBirth'/>
            <Form.Button type='submit'>Submit</Form.Button>