Tourist Guide into your React Components.


npm i --save reactour
yarn add reactour


Add the Tour Component in your Application:

import Tour from 'reactour'

class App extends Component {
  // ...

  render  (
      { /* other stuff */}
        onRequestClose={this.closeTour} />

const steps = [
    selector: '.first-step',
    content: 'This is my first Step',
  // ...


Prop Desc Type Default Is Required
accentColor Change --reactour-accent color (helper number + dots) string #007aff
badgeContent Function to customize Badge content (current, total) => {} func
className Custom class to add to the helper string
closeWithMask Close clicking the mask bool true
disableDotsNavigation Isn't possible to interact with helper dots bool
disableInteraction Isn't possible to interact with highlighted elements bool
disableKeyboardNavigation Isn't possible to interact with keyboard arrows bool
getCurrentStep Function triggered each time current step change func step => { /* 'step' is the current step index */ }
goToStep Programmatically change current step number
highlightedMaskClassName Custom class name for element which is overlaid target element string
inViewThreshold Scroll element to show when is outiside viewport adding this threshold value number
isOpen You know… bool
lastStepNextButton Change Next button in last step into a custom button to close the Tour node
maskClassName Custom class to add to the mask string
maskSpace Padding between elemente showed and mask number 10
nextButton Next navigation button text node
nextStep Override default nextStep function to use a custom one func
onAfterOpen Function triggered after open func () => { = 'hidden' }
onBeforeClose Function triggered before close func () => { = 'auto' }
onRequestClose Function triggered to close func
prevButton Prev navigation button text node
prevStep Override default prevStep function to use a custom one func
rounded Beautify helper + mask with border-radius (in px) number 0
scrollDuration Smooth scroll duration when positioning the target element number 1
scrollOffset Offset when positioning the target element number calculates the vertical center of the page
showButtons Show helper navigation butons bool true
showNavigation Show helper navigation dots bool true
showNavigationNumber Show number when hovers on each navigation dots bool true
showNumber Show helper number badge bool true
startAt Starting step each time the Tour is open number
steps Array of steps with info and props [view bellow]
update Value to listen if a forced update is needed string
updateDelay Delay time when forcing update. Useful when there are known animation/transitions number 1
steps: PropTypes.arrayOf(PropTypes.shape({
  'selector': PropTypes.string,
  'content': PropTypes.oneOfType([
  'position': PropTypes.oneOf(['top', 'right', 'bottom', 'left', 'center']),
  'action': PropTypes.func,
  'style': PropTypes.object,

Steps example

const steps = [
    selector: '[data-tour="my-first-step"]',
    content: ({ goTo, inDOM }) => (
        Lorem ipsum <button onClick={() => goTo(4)}>Go to Step 5</button>
        <br />
        {inDOM && '? Look at your step!'}
    position: 'top',
    action: node => {
      console.log('yup, the target element is also focused!')
    style: {
      backgroundColor: '#bada55',
  // ...