React Zorm

Type safe <form> for React using Zod!

Tools for creating type safe forms using the browser native <form> and
FormData with React.js and Zod.

Features / opinions

  • No controlled inputs
  • No React components, just a React hook
  • Validation on the client and the server
    • When your server supports FormData like Remix!
  • Nested / array / object fields
  • Tiny: Less than 3kb (minified & gzipped, not including Zod)
  • Type safe
    • name and id attribute generation
    • Error referencing


npm install react-zorm


Also on Codesandbox!

import { z } from "zod";
import { createValidator } from "react-zorm";

const FormValues = z.object({
    email: z.string().min(1),
    password: z.string().min(8),

const { useValidation, fields } = createValidator("signup", FormValues);

function Signup() {
    const { validation, props, errors } = useValidation();

    return (
                // custom form props
                onSubmit(e) {},
                // Generate name attribute by calling the method
                // Add "errored" class when the field has a validation error
            { => (
                // Rendered when the field has an error
                <ErrorMessage message={e.message} />
            {errors.password((e) => (
                <ErrorMessage message={e.message} />
            <button type="submit">Signup!</button>

Also checkout this classic TODOs example demonstrating almost every feature in the library.


Create a Zod type with a nested object

const FormValues = z.object({
    user: z.object({
        email: z.string().min(1),
        password: z.string().min(8),

and just create the input names with .user.:

<input type="text" name={} />;
<input type="password" name={fields.user.password()} />;

And all this is type checked ?


Array of user objects for example:

const FormValues = z.object({
    users: z.array(
            email: z.string().min(1),
            password: z.string().min(8),

and put the array index to users(index):, index) => {
    return (
            <input type="text" name={fields.users(index).email()} />
            <input type="password" name={fields.users(index).password()} />

See the TODOs example for more deatails

Server-side validation

This is Remix but React Zorm does not actually use any Remix APIs so this method
can be adapted for example to Cloudflare Workers and any other tools using the
web platform APIs.

import { parseForm } from "react-zorm";

export let action: ActionFunction = async ({ request }) => {
    const form = await request.formData();
    // Get validated and typed form object. This throw on validation errors.
    const data = parseForm(FormValues, form);


createValidator(formName: string, formParser: ZodObject): Validator

Create a form Validator

Validator properties

  • fields: Chainable object for generating input names and ids
    • Call without arguments or with .prop("name") to generate the input name attribute value
    • Call .prop("id") to generate a unique HTML id. Use for aria-describedby for example
  • useValidation(): ValidationObject: React hook for using the validator with a <form>
  • useValidationContext(): ValidationContextObject: React hook for using the validator from nested components

ValidationObject properties

  • props(customize: HTMLFormElement): HTMLFormElementProperties: Get spreadable props for <form>
  • validation: The current Zod validation status returned by safeParse()
    • The validation started on the first submit and after that on every input blur event
  • validate(): void: Manually invoke validation
  • Context: Context React component for providing the value for useValidationContext()


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