React Places Autocomplete

Component used as a field in a form to autocomplete a place, using the Google Maps API.

The place can be a city, a country, a street, or even an establishment.

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  • Map with the selected place
  • Limit the type of places you want to retrieve
  • Fully customizable


To use this component, you will need a Google API key. Here is more information on how to obtain it:

You will also need to enable these two APIs:

  • Places API
  • Maps JavaScript API

Exposing your API key in the front-end code of your application can pose significant security risks. Unauthorized access to your API key may lead to unauthorized usage.

Is highly recommended to store it in a separate configuration file, such as the .env file.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you restrict the usage of your API key using the available configuration options.

Installation and Basic Example

  npm install @tasiodev/react-places-autocomplete

import { useState } from 'react'
import PlacesPicker from '@tasiodev/react-places-autocomplete'

function App() {
  const [value, setValue] = useState(null)
  return  <PlacesPicker

Props Reference

language string ISO code for map and results language. Default: “en” disableMap bool Boolean to disable place Map. Default: false mapExpanded bool If true, the map is always visible. Default: false disabled bool Boolean to disable input customStyles object Object to override styles of each element. See definitions

customStyles example

    container: { backgroundColor: 'black' },
    fieldInput: { color: 'red' },
    searchResultsContainer: { marginTop: 12 },
    searchResult: { padding: 6 },
    gmapContainer: { padding: 8, height: 400 },


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