It is a simple line text banner component (like warning, error, success). Styles (font and background) can be customized. By default the banner has a fade in and fade out animation of 2s. This can be used in two ways, banner can be shown for a specific amount of time using visibleTime prop, or can be handled manually by making the title text null or changing the string.


Install it from npm and include it in your React build process (using Webpack, Browserify, etc).

npm i react-js-banner


Import Banner in your react component.

import Banner from 'react-js-banner';



If you want the banner to be available for a specific amount of time, visibleTime prop can be passed:

  title="This is an example banner with CSS" 

For instance, you can define the background color, font color, font family, size, etc.

  banner1Css: { color: "#FFF", backgroundColor: "green" },
  banner2Css: { color: "#000", backgroundColor: "grey", fontFamily: "arial" },
  banner3Css: { color: "#FFF", backgroundColor: "red", fontSize: 20 }

Example of banner with image:

  title="This is an example banner with CSS and Image" 

New! Now the banner accepts a list of children to display all content data

<Banner showBanner={true}>

Props available:

  • title (banner title/message)
  • css (style for the banner)
  • visibleTime (time in ms that the banner will be shown)
  • image (image to show left of banner)
  • imageClass (css class to customize image)


Name Type Mandatory Description
title String N Adding some text will make the banner appear
css object N CSS customizations
visibleTime int N time in ms you want the banner to be visible
image String N image to appear at the left of text
imageClass String N image css class e.g "image-customized-class"
transitionAppearTime number N time for the banner to appear
transitionTime number N time for the transition to take
showBanner bool N force the banner to show or hide, this will override the visibleTime variable